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Water Softener


Water Softener Installation

  • We install one unit and two part units
  • A one part softener is a self enclosed unit were the salt and resin beads are stored. A two part unit requires a separate container for the salt and a separate container for the resin beads.
  • Typically a one part unit is best for utility rooms that are tight on space like town homes. A two part unit is a good option for larger space utility rooms but its always a good idea to talk with the installer about what unit you should choose when it comes to space and your water hardness.
  • Two of the common and reliable brands we install are Brass Master (two part or one part options) and Water Boss (one part only system)
  • When replacing or new installation of a water softener its a good idea to think about having a kitchen faucet cold line and/or cold fridge line put on soft or hard water depending on your preference. Also its important to note that during installation of a softener its very common to have your IN and OUT water line connections opposite of the existing softener. This is something that requires the water lines to switch places for the softener to work properly and not damage your home waterlines.
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